2019    "Abstraction Exhibition", Gallery Z, Lowell, MA

2018    "Exhibition, Exhibition", Salem Art Association, Salem, MA

2018    "Go Away - It's about the Journey Not the Destination", Arcworks, Community Art Center,                          Peabody,  MA

2017    "Not for the Faint of Heart", Salem Art Association, Salem, MA

2017     "The Abstracted View", Arcworks, Community Art Center, Peabody, MA

2016    Impressions of Salem, Salem, MA, Salem Art Association,

2016    Arcworks, May 26 -June, Spring Fling Exhibition, Peabody,MA  

2016    Winter Wonders Exhibition, Arc Works Community Center, Peabody, MA

2016    Variations II, New England  Regional (Open), Marblehead Arts Association Gallery, Marblehead, MA

2016    House of Seven Gable En Plein Air Painting, The Hopper House, House of Seven Gables, Salem, MA

2016    En Plein Air Artist Residency, The House of Seven Gables through Salem Arts Association, Salem,               MA

2016   "Beyond Words", A Salem Arts Association Mixed Media Event in Celebration with The Mass Poetry                Festival. Salem Arts Center, Salem, Ma

2016    House of Seven Gables Artists in Residence, Group Works, The Salem Arts Center, Salem, MA

2015    Flux Exhibition – 9th Annual Peabody Essex Museum inspired by the Exhibition Stranded Beasts,                 Salem Arts Center Salem, MA

2015    Hallspace Drawing Project, Hallspace Gallery, Dorchester, MA

2015    "Light, Space and Time," Abstracts Art Competition (Special Merit Certificate for "Harmony in                     Blue")

2015    "Light, Space and Time Online Gallery," Abstract Art Competition (Special Recognition for  fOrange               and Blue" – Part of the Horizon Series)

2014    "Totems: What Guides Us," Inspired by Peabody Essex Museum’s Exhibition Raven’s Many Gifts:                       Native Art of The Northwest Coast, Sept 6 -28, 2014, Salem, MA

2014    "Spirits of The Season Exhibition," Salem Arts Association Gallery, Salem, MAa
2014    "From The Earth Exhibition,"Salem Arts Association Gallery, Artist’s Row, Salem, MA
2013    "Artists and Authors Winter Exhibition," Nathaniel Hawthorne Hotel, Salem, MA
2012    "Salem Collective of Artists and Musicians," Artist’s Row, Salem MA
2012    "Off The Top of Your Head: An SAA Exhibition  Inspired by Peabody Essex Museum’s Hats: An                      Anthology by Stephen Jones, 2011 -2012," Salem, MA
2011    "just add water", A Compliment Show to Peabody Essex Museum Exbhition "The Ripple Effect:                   The  Art of H20", Salem, MA
2011    "Photography 2011", Salem Arts Association Gallery, Salem, MA
2011    "Destinations: Famous Places and Intimate Spaces", Still Point Gallery, Brunswick, ME
2011    "Frozen", Salem Arts Association Gallery, Salem, MA
2011    "A Guild for Artistic Sorts", GASworks, Salem, MA
2010    "From Darkness to Light: Rites and Rituals of Transcendence", Caladan, Cambridge, MA
2010    "Flow", Caladan Gallery, Cambridge, MA
2010    The Art Market Gallery, Boston, MA
2010    "Dorchester Artists", The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, MA
2009    "Intermingling Senses", Caladan Gallery
2007    "Summer Group Show", Bakk Gallery, Cambridge, MA   
2003   " Malden Art Now", Art Space @ 16, Malden, MA
2001    "Altered Fields", Johnson’s Art Gallery, Newbury St., Boston, MA
2001    "Out of Uniform", Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, MA
1999    "Fantasy, Myth, and Metaphor", Greenville Gallery, Catskill, NY


2010    Scenes of Salem, Old Town Hall, Salem, MA
2010    AHHT FOR PEEPS, Old Town Hall, Salem, MA
2010    Dame: Fine Vintage and Independent Design: Guest Artist of Month (Aug), Jamaica Plain, MA
2010    Salem Art Association: AHHT FOR PEEPS, at Salem Old Town Hall: Oct15-17, Salem, MA



2008       Second Place Landscape, The Boston Home " At Home With The Arts", Annual Sale and Exhibition,                 Boston, MA

2018    Third Place, Artworks, The Electric Landscape, Community Art Center, Peabody, MA

               Judge's comment for Azores IV Landscape for The Electric Landscape : '' Done in intimate scale

                the painting Azores IV, Portugal is lush and free. The sky is not done in the safe pretty blue, but

                rather with a gray sky, which relay moodiness and dark possibilities"".

2007    "Illuminations Retrospective" (2001-2006), MGH Cancer Foundation, Boston, MA
2007    "At Home with the Arts", Annual Sale and Exhibition, The Boston Home, Boston, MA
2008    "At Home with the Arts" Annual Sale and Exhibition" (2nd place Landscape), The Boston Home,                 Dorchester, MA
2006    "Illuminations", MGH Cancer Foundation, Boston, MA
2004    "Linking the Arts and Health Care", MGH Breast Cancer Foundation, Boston, MA
2002    "Charity Benefit", Dorchester High School Library, Dorchester, MA


2009    Dorchester Open Studios, First Parish Church, Dorchester, MA
2008    Dorchester Open Studios, First Parish Church, Dorchester, MA
2007    Somerville Open Studios, Mad Studio, Somerville, MA
2007    Dorchester Open Studios, First Parish Church, Dorchester, MA
2006    Dorchester Open Studios, First Parish Church, Dorchester, MA
2005    Dorchester Open Studios, First Parish Church, Dorchester, MA

and many paintings in private collection around the United States

Oil, Acrylic, and Charcoal                                    


Dorchester Arts Collaborative
Salem Art Association

The Brush Gallery, Lowell, MA

Gallery Z, an Artist Co-op, Lowell, MA


BFA in Painting, Massachusetts College of Art -- Boston, MA
BA in English, minor Psychology, Eastern Nazarene College -- Quincy, MA



“Color theory is very important to me for it affects the physiological as well as the psychological perceptions of the viewer.”

Elizabeth Sheehan is a visual artist and poet based in the North Shore area of Massachusetts.  She has exhibited in many exhibitions, open studios, and benefits.  Elizabeth draws inspiration from Fauve painters and German expressionists, as well as her favorites Paul Klee and Marc Chagall.

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