Dreaming in Blue

When I reach the dreamland,
When I meet the trees, like
A bride, like Egypt seeking
The underworld, the Hebrews
Seeking the proimiseland, there
There I shall no longer have to
Put coal under my eyes, red
On my lips to be heard.


Helen you had cast a thousand
Ships but you have never silenced
A war. Blood is being washed away,
Stains too deep for even my lifecyle
To understand. My womb has opened up
Forced and tearing. I have given birth to
My own heart. I have become my own
Mother, cradling myself into dreamful sleep



“Color theory is very important to me for it affects the physiological as well as the psychological perceptions of the viewer.”

Elizabeth Sheehan is a visual artist and poet based in the North Shore area of Massachusetts.  She has exhibited in many exhibitions, open studios, and benefits.  Elizabeth draws inspiration from Fauve painters and German expressionists, as well as her favorites Paul Klee and Marc Chagall.

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