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Artist Statement

Elizabeth Sheehan is a poet as well as a visual artist; her paintings vary from abstract expressionism to more symbolic work. The interesting parallel between visual art and poetry is that both involve using symbols of ordinary things and juxtaposing them to make them become extraordinary.

She admires the French Symbolists: T. S. Eliot, HD, and poets such as Rilke, Neruda, Anne Sexton, and Sylvia Plath, for their incredible ability to evoke emotion with their imagery, honesty, irony, and technical elegance. As a poet who used words to make visual imagery, She found herself wanting to create objects that conveyed the same symbolic dreamlike quality as poetry and have her paintings combine, fuse, and balance the imaginative with the traditional.

It's her hope to create an inner land of mystery, where there may be an opening to the pregnant silence of being -- where creativity, understanding, wisdom, empathy and celebration dwell.

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