I See Beauty


I see beauty,
I feel it charge
inside of me;
It is love.
Little waves make
such tickling sounds
on my skin.
Salt to my nostrils,
soothe me.

Other busyness
is only the chatter
of seagulls: talking
and moving in rows.

Quietness, however,
whispers like a lover
in my ears. It holds
me and opens me like
the waves of the sea.



“Color theory is very important to me for it affects the physiological as well as the psychological perceptions of the viewer.”

Elizabeth Sheehan is a visual artist and poet based in the North Shore area of Massachusetts.  She has exhibited in many exhibitions, open studios, and benefits.  Elizabeth draws inspiration from Fauve painters and German expressionists, as well as her favorites Paul Klee and Marc Chagall.

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